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Wimmera Riverfront Natural Water Play Park

Mr GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (12:39): My question is to the Minister for Regional Development. If any members were in Horsham or the Wimmera-Mallee region on the weekend before last, they would be correct in thinking that summer had finally shown up. At 37 degrees on Saturday, some welcomed the sun and others spent the day indoors under the air conditioning. Many families, especially those with young kids, were no doubt wondering where they could take their kids to get some relief from the weather. The Wimmera riverfront natural water play park is a $3 million, now shovel-ready project that the Horsham Rural City Council have been planning for a number of years. It aims to activate, connect and add value to the riverfront precinct to establish an iconic community recreation and tourist destination. The design of the play park includes a meandering stream, wet and dry sand areas, rock pools, climbing boulders and water activation play areas. It is expected to have over 200 000 visitations every year and increase the economic output by over $7 million. The council have committed over $350 000 to the project but are hoping the state government will pitch in to get the remainder of this off the ground. My question is: what is holding the state government back from funding this great project, and will the minister advocate on behalf of this regional community for the government to fund it in the upcoming May 2021–22 budget?


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