My question is to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change in the other place. Members from the Moorabool and Central Highlands Power Alliance have been in constant contact with me regarding their concerns with the Western Victoria Transmission Network Project. The community consultation by AusNet has been terrible, and this has led to frustration in the region, especially from farmers, who will be impacted financially and socially. Further, I have had discussions with local councils, who have not been consulted at all on the planned corridor route. This is disappointing, as there are apparently many issues with the current project, such as approved housing development along the corridor, the impact it may have in gaining UNESCO heritage over the goldfields, the hilly terrain and of course the impact on farming operations. It is no secret that the community wants the government to cost underground powerlines and use existing road easements. Why hasn’t this been done? It seems this project has been slapped together to reach renewable energy targets without any thought of other implications. The state government needs to take a leadership role on this project. Minister, how does this transmission network project fit into the long-term plan for Victoria’s grid, and will the state government take leadership on this project?