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Torquay College Student Safety

My question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety in the other place. Torquay College moved to its current site in Grossmans Road in 2001. Since then the school has expanded significantly and now accommodates more than 1000 students. There has also been significant residential development surrounding the school. The traffic infrastructure in the school area is under stress, particularly during school pick-up and drop-off times, and this presents daily annoyance for local residents and potential danger for students and residents alike. With just one vehicle entrance to the school drop-off point on Eton Road, traffic banks up behind the roundabout on the corner with Grossmans Road. Drivers are reverting to risky practices, such as overtaking the queues at speed on the wrong side of the road. For students, there is just a single pedestrian crossing on Grossmans Road, so they often resort to playing chicken on Eton Road, leaving them exposed to this poor driving behaviour. Can the minister as a matter of urgency direct VicRoads to look into the installation of the necessary infrastructure to ensure that the children who attend Torquay College and local residents in the area are kept safe from harm from vehicles?


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