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Thank you Operation Molto!

Mr GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (12:16): I rise today to speak about the vast and difficult investigation into the major online paedophile network recently completed within our country. The AFP’s Operation Molto was one of Australia’s most significant efforts targeting child exploitation, with 146 tip-offs to authorities in Europe, Asia, the United States, Canada and New Zealand. The investigation has so far found that 16 children from a childcare centre in New South Wales had been allegedly sexually assaulted by a former worker. One of the alleged offenders was also an aged-care worker. The alleged offenders are accused of producing and sharing child-abuse material to a widereaching online network in Australia and overseas. Investigations began in February after the arrest of Justin Radford, a 30-year-old man from the Central Coast who was charged with 89 offences, including sexual touching of a child under 10 and producing and disseminating child-abuse material. Overall at least 46 children have been abused, some as young as 16 months. My heart and thoughts are with the victims and the families and friends of these amazing young souls. As a former sexual offences and child abuse investigation team detective, I can appreciate what the investigators have done to secure these arrests and charges. Police services across all of Australia do an amazing and gruelling job each and every day. I thank you for all the work you do to keep our children and community safe.


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