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Soccer Facilities – Barwon South-West Region

) My question is for the Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events. The Barwon south-west region is well known for our AFL prowess. It is no secret that we love AFL, and our local facilities showcase the effort that is put into grassroots footy. What many people do not realise is that the other form of football, that some would know as soccer, is growing in popularity also in the Barwon south-west region. I have been approached by a constituent who believes that as the participation in soccer grows in our region our grassroots facilities are not keeping up. In their facility strategy in 2018 Football Victoria predicted that anywhere between 16 and pitches would be needed across the Barwon south-west region by 2026. Greater Geelong, Warrnambool and Surf Coast are projected to account for 95 per cent of registered players in the Barwon south-west region in 2026. The number of projected registered players in 2026 for the region is between 4600 and 7600, depending on growth. It is safe to say that soccer is growing exponentially. My question is: will the minister explain what plans the government have to ensure that grassroots soccer infrastructure will keep up with the projected growth in the Barwon south-west region?


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