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Ron Fenton

Mr GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (09:43): I rise today to pay my respects to a dear friend of mine, Ron Fenton, who passed away recently. I am sure you have heard Ron’s incredible story of being in the army; of being a Victorian police officer; of being shot in the head, where 37 bullet fragments would remain; of his battles with post-traumatic stress injury and depression; of his beautiful psychiatric assistance dog and best buddy, Yogi; and of his continued advocacy for mental health for our frontline emergency service workers. Ron was an open book. He selflessly shared his sensitive story in the hope that it would help others in their own battles. Just a few months ago I was lucky enough to have Ron here in the Parliament. Some of you may have even seen him walking around with his brown labrador, Yogi. Ron and I were discussing the Defence Community Dogs program that we are desperately trying to fund here in Victoria, because Yogi changed Ron’s life, or as Ron says, ‘He saved my life’. Ron, thank you for being such a great friend to me and for all you did when you walked this earth. My pledge to you is that I will keep fighting for those issues that you were so passionate about. Vale, Ron Fenton. Rest easy up there, mate.


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