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Road Safety Infrastructure Required

Mr GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (11:58): My question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. Christian College Geelong has built a new campus on Great Ocean Road in Torquay. During school pick-up and drop-off times the traffic in the area becomes quite heavy and potentially dangerous. Traffic heading east along the Great Ocean Road has an 80-kilometre speed limit that drops to 60 kilometres an hour on a blind corner very close to the front of the school. Christian College students and those that ride their bikes to and from nearby Bellbrae Primary School also cross the road near this point. To make things more dangerous for students, there is a T-intersection out the front of the school, and let us not forget this is on the very busy Great Ocean Road. Christian College is situated on a service road. However, many students cross Great Ocean Road to get to and from school. Currently there is no ‘Slow down, school’ sign ahead, no 40-kilometre school speed limit and no other pedestrian crossing. Can the minister, as a matter of urgency, direct VicRoads to look into the installation of the necessary infrastructure to ensure that the children who attend Christian College and Bellbrae Primary School are safe when travelling to and from school?


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