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Regional Victorians deserve their fair share of funding

Regional Victoria is a fantastic place to live, especially in my patch of Western Victoria. There are plenty of sites to see and visit, the landscapes are peaceful, unemployment is low and our major industries provide endless opportunities for careers. There is nothing quite like the fresh country air. There are so many great reasons to live in regional Victoria. However, one thing we lack is more equality in funding support. One good example to represent this is rail investment. Recently I asked the Parliamentary Budget Office to outline the government infrastructure spend for the 2021–22 budget. The report revealed that each person in metropolitan Melbourne receives 11 per cent more than regional Victorians do in government asset spending per capita. This is a terrible injustice and a revelation that leaves many regional Victorians angry but, sadly, not surprised. Currently there are billions of taxpayer dollars being spent on infrastructure projects in Melbourne, with many of these going hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars over budget. All of this is happening while important Victorian regional projects are left unfunded and locals are disadvantaged. Regional Victorians suffer through drought, floods, bushfire, and lockdowns from COVID cases in Melbourne, all of which are out of control. The last thing we need is to be disadvantaged by our government, who seem to think that Victoria starts and stops in Melbourne. Regional Victorians deserve their fair share of funding.


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