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Public Child Sex Offender Register for Victoria

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party (DHJP) was founded to enact a Public Child Sex Offender Register across the country. Therefore, the Party welcomes the Federal Government’s commitment to create a public National Child Sex Offender Register, however each state needs to sign up. Victoria is yet to sign onto the plan, which is disappointing.

The Federal Government’s announcement followed extensive lobbying efforts undertaken by Derryn Hinch for many decades and more recently when he was a Senator. In 2018, DHJP worked closely with Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s office in formulating potential models for what a national offender system could look like.

Successful lobbying from Stuart formed the Inquiry into the Management of Sex Offender Information in Victoria which handed down its recommendations in 2021. Whilst it (disappointingly) did not recommend a public register, it did make recommendations to investigate a ‘limited disclosure scheme’ where details of someone’s potential sex offending past could be disclosed in the interests of a person or child.

Another recommendation was mandatory online safety education in Victorian schools – which Stuart has been pushing for years – which has been echoed by the Federal e-Safety Commissioner. This content will be covered in the revived Police in Schools program, again as a result of Stuart’s advocacy.

We encourage you to contact your local MPs to let them know you would like Victoria to sign up to the Federal Government’s plan to enact a Public National Child Sex Offender Register in Australia.


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