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Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party

Mental Health

DHJP are long-time supporters of mental health. Whilst it is not one of our ‘core policies’, it’s certainly one both our State MPs are very passionate about.

DHJP supported the Government’s Royal Commission into Mental Health and has been putting pressure on for a number of the recommendations to be expedited.

Both Stuart and Tania have been very vocal about the need to entice mental health professionals to regional and rural Victoria to ensure there is a steady workforce, giving regional Victorians access to mental health help. Stuart was successful in getting a pilot for mental health professionals to be financially incentivised to move to regional/rural areas. When Stuart was first elected, mental health sufferers were experiencing wait times of 3+ months for an appointment. This isn’t good enough.

Stuart has also been a huge advocate for the use of psychiatric assistance dogs for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Injury. The late Ron Fenton campaigned with Stuart on the issue. You can read their story here or watch a media piece covering their campaign here.


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