Member for Western Victoria
Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party

“My name is Cleo…..”

): ‘My name is Cleo’—the four magic words that brought smiles to our faces, goosebumps to our skin and relief to our hearts. After 18 long days Cleo was reunited safely into the arms of her family. I would like to take the time to recognise the hardworking individuals who worked tirelessly around the clock both in front of and behind the scenes to ensure this reunification could take place. To the SES volunteers who spent days trailing the infamous campsite and surroundings, I thank you. I thank the entire Western Australian police force, particularly the four detectives who broke down the door to find Cleo: Detective Senior Constable Kurt Ford, Detective Senior Sergeant Cameron Blaine, Detective Senior Constable Drew Masterson and Detective Sergeant Jason Hutchinson. Finally, I want to thank the wonderful community of Carnarvon, who never gave up hope. I wish Cleo and her family the peace they need to heal as well as the privacy they deserve when seeking justice and closure.


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