Member for Western Victoria
Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party

John Forbes OAM

(Western Victoria) (09:45):John Forbes was a sporting great. Mr Modest to some, John was a community and sporting hero, but he was also importantly a founding member of the Blue Ribbon Foundation. This foundation, as I am sure all members are aware, has honoured the memories of former police officers since 1988. This became especially important when last year we lost four members in one tragic incident and a raft of others through mental health battles—and this continues to be a problem that I am very passionate about. I spoke to Neil Soullier, the current CEO of Blue Ribbon this week, and it is clear that the devastation of losing John has hit many across their community. Neil spoke highly of John and the impact that he had as an integral part of the Blue Ribbon Foundation. John was also a recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia. John was a real survivor, having late-stage Parkinson’s and having battled bowel cancer in the past. His death is tragic, but I hope all those that have known John—his friends, family, colleagues and beyond—have a drink for John in his honour. My condolences go to John’s wife, Fay, their two sons and their six grandchildren. Rest in peace, John Forbes, OAM. VICTORIA


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