Member for Western Victoria
Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party

Indigenous Burning Practices – Question

Mr GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (18:26): My question is for the Leader of the Government and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs. Many years ago I worked as an educator in a remote Indigenous community, learning traditions and customs formed by hundreds of communities over many thousands of years. One of these, Indigenous fire practices, has come into the spotlight recently following the bushfires across New South Wales and Victoria as a mitigation strategy. I also note that my colleague Ms Maxwell asked a constituency question last year, well before those fires, about the need for improved management of fuel loads and still has not received an answer. Having recently visited Uluru and Yulara, last month, it became evident that these practices, which have preserved land across our country for 60 000 years, were extremely common sense but seemingly disregarded here in Victoria. I note that the minister previously stated that Indigenous fire management is intellectual property which cannot be taken without permission. However, there are Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous peoples alike crying out for their land to be saved. My question is: is the government considering including Indigenous burn-off and land management practices further in Victoria?


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