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HOPE Bereavement – Constituency Question

Mr GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (12:57): My constituency question is to the Minister for Mental Health. Last month I met with the CEO of Hope Bereavement Care based in Geelong. Hope is a notfor-profit organisation that provides support for parents, grandparents and families grieving the death of a loved one. It supports those trying to make sense of the loss of brothers or sisters and assists people dealing with the death of their life partners, family and friends, and anybody coping with the suicide of a loved one. Additional support is also provided for extended family members, friends, work colleagues, school communities and emergency service personnel. Hope started to evolve in 1985 after concerns about the lack of support services for families following the death of a child. Each year they provide this support to more than 250 families. Presently no government support is received, and they run on a shoestring budget. I have been told that without significant financial help Hope will in fact have no hope and cease to exist by April next year. My question is: would the minister be open to meeting with Hope’s CEO, Salli Hickford, to discuss the prospects of government assistance, grants or future funding opportunities?


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