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Hooning Community Reference Group

I rise today to promote and thank the state government on the establishment of the Hooning Community Reference Group. This has come about due to the advocacy of Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party through my private members bill, which sought to introduce penalties for those who attend hoon events. Victoria has some of the most stringent anti-hoon legislation in the country, including on-the-spot licence suspension for excessive speeding and the authority of police to impound and permanently confiscate vehicles. However, certain municipalities have enacted additional safeguards through by-laws such as fines for hoon event attendees. The community reference group will consider short-, medium- and long-term solutions to promote education, early intervention and deterrence at major hooning hotspots throughout Melbourne’s north, west and south-east. One of the group’s priorities, in my opinion, should be to investigate open days at skid pans or racetracks where people can safely and legally participate in motorsport. It should also obviously explore the viability of the penalties included in my private members bill. The Hooning Community Reference Group may include community members, municipal council members, motorsport enthusiasts or operators and law enforcement officers, among others. I encourage those interested to send their applications to Road Safety Victoria at or via the Department of Transport’s website.


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