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Full-time Bethany Outreach Pilot Family Violence request

My question is to the Minister for Prevention of Family Violence. I recently spoke about a part-time position Bethany in Geelong had funded to assist police when attending family violence incidents. Upon attendance at a family violence incident the concept is that a worker from Bethany stays with a perpetrator whilst police can collect a statement and assist the victim. This role is pivotal in engaging the perpetrator in acute situations where it is safe to do so. It further allows attempts to engage the perpetrator voluntarily in behavioural change programs. We currently have project Alexis in northern Victoria, which is a social worker who supports the victim, and whilst we would like to see a pilot of this in my electorate also, Bethany only works directly with perpetrators. If we can stop one perpetrator in their tracks, we could potentially save multiple victims. Bethany had funded this position part-time with Victoria Police, and both have said that it has been a great success—but family violence does not stop on Tuesdays, unfortunately. Minister, will you commit to working with Bethany to fund a full-time outreach-style pilot with evaluation?


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