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Flu Vaccination Shortage

Mr GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (11:34): My question is to the Minister for Health. It is quite confronting here, standing so close, but we will get through it. Adequate resourcing has been a major concern for healthcare professionals, with potential shortages in personal protective equipment, tests and ventilators. Now luckily, to date, we have been able to mitigate these dramatic shortfalls in resourcing through social distancing measures, which we are adhering to right now, but with the flu season near there are growing concerns about the level of vaccinations which are available for public use. Barwon Health is in my electorate and is responsible for the provision of many paid flu vaccinations. However, they have had to push back some flu vaccinations, citing a delay to the supply of flu vaccines, which are not due until May at the earliest. Is the minister able to provide any insight into the number of flu vaccinations that are expected to be needed and what steps are being taken to ensure that there are no vaccination shortages in Victoria, particularly in rural and regional areas?

Mr GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (11:38): Thank you, Minister, for your response. You touched briefly on the flu vaccine that is available for the elderly. I am not elderly myself, obviously, but I have already had my flu vaccine, and in speaking to some of my elderly constituents they were saying, ‘Well, I’m still waiting for mine’. They have to have a bit of a waitlist, apparently, to get theirs. So there are concerns about the availability of flu vaccines aimed at vaccinating against the strain of the virus particularly affecting the elderly. So my question is: can the minister indicate whether special priority is being given to ensure those supplies of specific flu vaccinations for elderly Victorians?


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