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Expanding the Use of Ankle Bracelets

Expanding the Use of Ankle Bracelets to Family Violence & Recidivist Offenders

My Question is to the Minister for Agriculture representing the Minister for Corrections (Hon. Jaclyn Symes).

In Victoria, electronic monitoring can be used for offenders 16 years and over. This form of deterrent is not only cost effective, but it also reduces prison populations and supports the reintegration of offenders back into the community. Electronic monitoring has also been identified as leading to lower rates of recidivism as offenders of lower level crimes are not housed alongside more serious offenders.

Electronic monitoring appears to be working well in Victoria, so therefore why can’t this technology also be utilised for those on bail and recidivist family violence perpetrators to track their movements. With unacceptable levels of domestic violence, and violence against women and children so prevalent in our society, it simply makes sense.

My question to the Minister is – the minister able to provide any insight as to how electronic monitoring is currently used on high risk family violence and sex offenders in Victoria?

What measures are the government implementing to ensure that electronic monitoring will be an option for the courts to bestow on recidivist offenders?


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