I rise today to speak about a very special maremma dog named Eudy. Eudy was 12 when she passed away last week and had just gone into retirement after a long but joyful career. She had served as a penguin protector since 2006 on Middle Island, just outside Warrnambool. The big, white, fluffy pooch and her sister Tula became famous from the success of the 2015 movie Oddball, featuring Shane Jacobson, which I am sure we have all seen. Eudy had become an icon of the globally recognised Middle Island maremma project but was also a very important local icon too. I am so pleased to see that a public memorial on Middle Island is being planned for Eudy. It was after all her favourite place. My thoughts go out to Trish Corbett, Professor Rob Wallis and all of the volunteers who will dearly miss Eudy. Dogs are not just animals; they are family. Rest in peace, Eudy, and we thank you for all you did in protecting the penguins on Middle Island.