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Eden Project – Constituency Question

Mr GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (12:46): My constituency question is to the Minister for Water. Down in the quiet hamlet of Anglesea an ex-coal mine is being rehabilitated by Alcoa. After the Eden Project, an educational charity, expressed interest in developing the site for an eco park, the future of the site could not be brighter in my eyes. The Eden Project, among many other benefits, would generate 500 ongoing full-time jobs—300 onsite and 200 externally—and it has overwhelming support from locals. A major concern for the project is how the eco park and the water body would be filled. If we leave it to fill naturally, we will be waiting over 50 years—and that is with good rainfall. A business case has been completed by Barwon Water, which considers other possibilities for a solution to the water issue, including using Black Rock’s reclamation facility to fill the dam. Eden and its co-investors need the government to come to the party, and it would be great to overcome this hurdle as soon as possible. My question is: can the minister provide any insight into what steps the Andrews government is taking in order to ensure that the water body is not left to fill by itself over a 50-year period?


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