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Dairy Farmer Support – Constituency Question

Constituency Question: Dairy Production

My constituency question is to the Minister for Agriculture (Hon. Jaclyn Symes)
A recent dairy supply chain study, conducted in Barwon South, identified a number of factors which are preventing productivity growth across the dairy industry in regional Victoria.
Fluctuating milk prices, dry spells, limited rain and ageing road and rail networks were all identified as factors which are eating into the profitability of Victoria’s struggling dairy industry.
In light of recent comments in this place, I want to make it apparent that I absolutely support our farmers who supply us with the food that we eat and who keep our regional towns alive.
Whilst the Andrews Government can’t control the weather, you do control Victoria’s road and rail network. The Dairy supply chain in my electorate is predominantly road based and deteriorating road conditions deter efficient driver movement between farms, depots and processing plants.
My question is:
Can the Minister provide any insight into whether the State Government is considering additional investments in Western Victoria’s road and rail networks in order to reduce the cost and time it takes for farmers to export their product?


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