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Curdies River Estuary

My question is to the Minister for Water. The Surf Coast is blessed with many areas of natural beauty. One of these is the Curdies River estate near Peterborough. The estuary is a haven for endangered wildlife and vegetation where locals and many tourists enjoy fishing, boating and swimming. A constituent, Ms Carolyne Wakefield of Peterborough, has raised with me details of a serious environmental event in the estuary which has seen the death of many fish as well as the water being sullied by numerous dead cattle. I understand the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has tested the water and confirmed a toxic algal bloom. Locals have expressed concern, however, that there may be other factors which have contributed to the current situation. Reporting indicates an ongoing and worsening problem, and I hope that the government has a plan to ensure the future and ongoing health of the Curdies River estuary. My question is: Minister, will you explain the details of the testing undertaken by DELWP, including the locations used and what contaminants were tested for?



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