My adjournment debate is for the Minister for Child Protection in the other place. Children are vulnerable, and that is why Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party was started in the first place. Who is looking out for the children? So it was mind-blowing to learn some time ago that there was no formal complaints handling service for children in this state. This question is timely, with the Social Services Regulation Bill 2021 being debated this week, hopefully, which establishes a regulator but no complaints mechanism for such services. The department say they are aware of this gap, so where is the complaints handling mechanism? This is especially concerning for the children in government or out-of-home care, where we know these children are at much greater risk of assaults, sexual assaults and involvement in the justice system. This idea of a formal complaints handling body is not new. It has been a recommendation of many reports over six years now. This recommendation is featured in a Commission for Children and Young People’s 2015 report, a Commission for Children and Young People’s 2019 report and the Victorian Ombudsman’s October 2020 report. The 2019 report stated that, and I quote: That the Victorian Government establish an independent, specialised child and young person-centred complaints function to receive complaints from children and young people in care, including concerns about their immediate safety or ongoing concerns about their wellbeing while in care. There are many reasons such a function needs to exist, not least because many of these children have issues with trusting adult figures. The complaint may also be concerning the person who they are supposed to report issues to, such as their case manager. In response to the Ombudsman’s report, Minister, you accepted the recommendations, and I quote: … in principle subject to examining the policy and budget requirements to develop and implement these recommendations. Given protecting children should not come down to money, I am wondering why this recommendation has not been acted upon already and, further, why it has not been included as part of the social services reforms. It goes without saying that it is about time this recommendation was implemented, and therefore the action that I seek from the minister is to provide advice on the reasons why the state government has not delivered a complaints mechanism for children in Victoria.