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Bushfire Condolence

Mr GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (13:44): I rise to speak briefly on the condolence motion for John Cain. I would like to start by stating that Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party extends the greatest sympathy to Mr Cain’s family, friends and former colleagues. Unlike many in this chamber I do not have a long or shared history with former ministers and premiers, but in the short time that I have been here I have come to recognise the huge pressures and time demands that are placed on all lawmakers. Although I have not met with Mr Cain personally, I can relay a story that Derryn Hinch shared with me just this morning, a story that attests to Ms Garrett’s and others’ comments on him being a straight shooter and very direct. This was around the time when Derryn, I believe, was facing some charges for contempt of court. Derryn recalled the time when he was visiting Parliament in his capacity, as he put it, as ‘Mr Jacki Weaver’. As Derryn was walking around the hallowed halls of this place, he bumped into Mr Cain, who proceeded to poke his finger into Derryn’s chest and bellowed, ‘You’re going to jail. You’re going to jail, with your priors’. Yes, Mr Cain was right: he did go to jail. It is no small achievement becoming Premier, let alone being a Premier that gets things done. Reforms made under John Cain’s leadership include greater protections for our environment, reforms to essential services such as health and education and improvements in the way Victoria’s justice system operates. John Cain’s dedication to the public and his achievements will continue to be demonstrated through numerous legislative reforms and significant infrastructure that includes WorkSafe, the Transport Accident Commission and of course the establishment of the National Tennis Centre. On this I note and congratulate Premier Andrews’s announcement to rename ‘Melbourne arena’ to ‘John Cain arena’ as a tribute to the former leader, which is something I strongly agree with. I wonder if Nick Kyrgios is aware of it though; we had better check! While public sentiment continues to shift away from confidence in lawmakers, I believe one way we can rebuild faith in our political class is by embarking on a reform agenda which makes not only popular decisions but also necessary decisions. I commend John Cain on a great number of his achievements both inside and outside of the Parliament and hope that we can all attempt to follow his lead in delivering these necessary changes for the benefit of all Victorians.


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