Member for Western Victoria
Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party

Big Housing Build needed for Warrnambool

My question is for the Minister for Housing in the other place. My constituent is a victim-survivor of family violence who fled from Mildura to Warrnambool from her violent partner only to be found by him. The only stable accommodation for her and her young children was in temporary houses all the way in Melbourne. The Big Housing Build is big but nowhere near big enough for demand to be met. I have commented previously in this place on this year’s increase in social housing and how it does not meet the demand fivefold. This year’s budget included the purchase of six new crises accommodation properties for victim-survivors of family violence—only six, which is nowhere near enough. Minister, will the government pledge to increase the Big Housing Build to meet the actual demand necessary to stop people like my constituent in Warrnambool needing to travel hours away in order to be safe?


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