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Beauty Industry COVID-19

My constituency question is to the Minister representing the Minister for Coordination of Health and Human Services Covid-19 (Hon Jaclyn Symes)
In regional Victoria, you can rightfully go to the pub with people from other households and enjoy not wearing a mask whilst drinking, eating and chatting. Which is great!
You’re also able to access dental treatment and a range of other services without having to wear a mask.
However, you can’t access facial or skin treatments, some of which only take 15 minutes, as you are required to wear a mask.
Some of these treatments are vital to certain skin conditions. There are many clients and businesses missing out on this medical treatment which is critically necessary.
The skin care and beauty industry is overwhelmingly run by and employs women, who have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19. Some salons have told me they’re willing to adhere to additional restrictions such as two-layer masks and additional PPE.
These professionals are qualified and most have completed Pre-Covid training in infection control. These clinics are also willing to have extra training as required before opening.
Question: Can the Minister explain why skin and beauty clinics cannot work a COVID safe environment and why clients with skin conditions requiring medical intervention are missing out on treatment due to the requirement for them to wear masks?


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