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Barwon Child, Youth & Family (BCYF) Foster Care

Mr GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (12:45): My constituency question is to the Minister for Child Protection and Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers. Recently I met with Barwon Child, Youth & Family in Geelong and was shocked to hear that we are actually going backwards in terms of the number of foster carers in the state. Foster care offers temporary care of children by trained, assessed and accredited foster carers. In the many circumstances where a child may be in a compromised or unsafe position living with their birth family, foster carers are the heroes without capes who take these children in, put a roof over their head and try to create a more stable upbringing for them. As the department rightly promotes online, ‘You do not have to be in a relationship or have a big house’ to be a foster carer. In my opinion you just need to have a big and caring heart and the intent to care for these children as you would your own. Right now 45 000 kids are waiting to be placed in foster care. Without a foster home they will keep on waiting. So my question is: can the minister please tell me what the government is currently doing to promote becoming a foster carer and, by extension, increase the number of foster carers in Victoria?


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