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Apology for child sexual abuse linked to government institutions

Ms MAXWELL (Northern Victoria) (12:17): My question is for the Premier and is on behalf of my colleague Mr Grimley, who could not be here this week due to illness. The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse documented hundreds of such cases which occurred in Victorian government institutions. The Victorian government has not, however, made a formal apology to these victims. I have sought confirmation of this from ministerial offices and have had this fact confirmed. Then Prime Minister Scott Morrison apologised in 2018 following the royal commission, with Northern Territory and New South Wales apologising on the same day. Western Australia apologised in the lead-up to the national apology, with South Australia making theirs in 2008. Tasmania is progressing significant work in this space with respect to its Department of Education and will make a specific apology soon. You might think the royal commission has been and gone. Many victims are not here to receive the apology, but their families definitely are. Premier, will you apologise to victims of child sexual abuse who were abused in government institutions, including but not limited to schools, detention and health facilities, and out-of-home care?


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