About Stuart

I am a happily married father of two teenage children and currently reside in a fantastic new estate and community situated between Torquay and Geelong.  I was born in South Australia, and lived there for 12 years before moving to Western Australia for around 20 years and finally settling in Victoria where I have been for the past seven years.  I have been a teacher and principal in Western Australia – three years of which I lived and taught in remote Aboriginal communities.  I served as a Police Officer in Western Australia for six years before transferring to Victoria Police where I served for ten years. I have worked in general policing, drug investigations, sexual offences, the child abuse unit and more recently in the Crime Investigation Unit at Moorabool.

At the 2018 State Election, I was lucky enough to be elected as a Member for Western Victoria – an Upper House electorate spanning just under 80,000kms. I am looking forward to representing my constituents who live from Apollo Bay to Wyperfeld National Park to Melton, the SA border and everywhere in between.

My political aspirations were formed when Derryn Hinch formed the Justice Party. I knew straight away that I wanted to be part of the team.  Fortunately, I was selected as Derryn’s running mate in the 2016 Federal Election, where he was elected to represent Victoria in the Senate.  The values and issues fundamental to the Justice Party are a reflection of my personal views on what is needed to make our communities feel safe and secure again and to protect the vulnerable.

The constant and increasingly graphic violence in the community and the frustration at the inequalities and injustices within our society have become a part of everyday life.  Criminals continue to break the law whilst on bail and insufficient sentences continue to be handed down through an out-of-touch judicial system – especially for those crimes against the person, in particular against women and children.

We are all tired of politicians that talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.  We have had enough of the sniping and bickering between the major parties.  I hope to – and hopefully have already demonstrated that I will – put policy before politics and get back to serving the people in our community that deserve the respect of our government.  It’s about time that we have real people in parliament that have real life experiences and come from real jobs and are living in the real world.

That is why being part of the Justice Party with like-minded, committed and passionate members was such an easy decision to make.  To me, it was just common sense.


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