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Firearm Prohibition Order

GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (12:25:12): My question is to the minister representing the Attorney-General. Ensuring the protection of Victorians and maintaining security in our communities is a priority of Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party. This includes continuing efforts to lower the risk that these people pose to the community. A current procedure for lowering the risk that known offenders pose to the community is the handing down of firearm prohibition orders or FPOs. An FPO is an order that prohibits the subject from owning, using and attaining firearms. Recently, former president of the Rebels motorcycle gang Colin Websdale was served an FPO due to his having been affiliated with a violent entity and having a list of previous convictions including drugs charges, assault and possession of illegal weapons. Websdale appealed the order and successfully had it overturned and revoked through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. There are concerns that this decision will pave the way for more offenders to have their FPOs revoked, allowing more known violent offenders to access firearms in Victoria. My question is: what steps is the Andrews government taking to ensure that firearm protection orders are served and enforced effectively in the interest of protecting our communities?

GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (12:26:41): My supplementary question is: could the minister provide any insight as to whether the administration and appeals process regarding FPOs will be reviewed in light of this recent decision?


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