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Run for the Kids Members Statement

GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (18:27:56): I rise today to congratulate Glenn ‘Dutchy’ Holland, founder of Fighting PTSD VicPol, on his hard work in raising awareness of Victoria Police officers and veterans who suffer from PTSD and in raising funds to combat this issue. Not only do Glenn and his team of volunteers raise much-needed funds, they also participate in events to raise awareness of post-traumatic stress injuries in police officers past and present. One such event they are participating in is the Run for the Kids, to be held on 7 April in Melbourne. My wife and my staff will also be participating in the event and will be proud members of the Fighting PTSD VicPol team. Mental health issues in emergency services workers is an area close to my heart, having witnessed horrific crime scenes, assaults on my colleagues and other highly stressful situations that are unfortunately in the nature of being a cop, as Mr Finn just alluded to.

Furthermore, the run will also help support the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. I have had both personal and professional experience with the staff at the hospital, and I am constantly amazed at their great work and dedication in improving the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents. I cannot guarantee we will make great times—I cannot even guarantee that we will run, but we will definitely walk when we cross the finish line—but I am looking forward to standing strong with Glenn, his team and survivors of PTSD in our endeavours to support the remarkable work of the Royal Children’s Hospital.


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