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Christchurch Mosques Terrorist Attacks Condolence Speech

GRIMLEY (Western Victoria) (15:14:13): I rise to speak on this motion and to offer my condolences. As we are aware, on Friday last week New Zealand encountered one of its darkest days, as put by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. This was an attack not only on religion but on the identity of a calm, loving and multicultural nation. Over the weekend mosques all around our state and country opened up their doors to all religions. They welcomed everyone with open arms to educate and to pause and reflect on the lost lives of their brothers and sisters. Despite the heartbreak and sadness this attack has brought, a compassionate understanding of and respect for the religion of Islam was seen by all in its highest degree. Out of the darkness has come light. Victorians have stood and will continue to stand side by side with those of all faiths and religions. As I stated in my inaugural speech in this place, I am not personally a religious person—my family are my religion. That does not in any way demean my or my family’s thoughts on religion within our community.

My kids have been taught, as I have been taught, to respect all religions around them and to learn to understand them. What has come out of such a horrendous event in New Zealand is strong, unbiased, apolitical leadership that puts the community first. This leadership is something which we can all strive towards. We should also give credit to all the first responders attending the scene as well as the emergency call takers, who did a remarkable job in unimaginable circumstances. I send my condolences to the families who will go on living without their loved ones. I send my condolences to New Zealand as it deals with such an attack on its identity. I also send my condolences to those of Islamic faith. Theirs is a religion which has had its authenticity questioned and its motives challenged yet will continue to stand tall alongside all other faiths.


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